Despite suitable London venues shutting their doors faster than our own when local religious groups come knocking, new parties seem to emerge every week. Thankfully, while many of these peddle varying brands of mediocrity when it comes to bookings and concept, there are a few promoters dedicated to delivering something better. Left Alone certainly falls into the second category, bookings the likes of Workshop founder Lowtec, L.I.E.S. mainstay Beau Wazner and French hardware enthusiasts Nummer since 2014.

Inspired bookings in our eyes, the next party will see the men behind two of our favourite labels converge for an unprecedented b2b. It hasn’t taken long for Music From Memory reissues to earn buy-on-sight status – finger through our personal collections and you’ll find plenty of them – and similarly, co-owner Jamie Tiller‘s record collection is a treasure trove of obscure audible treats. Quentin ‘Zaltan‘ Vandewalle’s Antinote imprint on the other hand has cemented its place at a prolific outlet for modern electronic music. Releasing off-centre techno, emotive ambient, brilliant synth-pop, horizontal Balearica and mind-expanding electro from a tight-knit community of local artists, Zaltan and fellow label owner Gwen Jamois (AKA Iueke) are right at the forefront of the current French revival.

Before the two label owners visit London, the Left Alone guys have highlighted some of their favourite Music From Memory and Antinote material for a taste of what’s to come.

Jamie Tiller and Zaltan play The Waiting Room for Left Alone on December 10th – buy tickets here.

Listen to Alex and Ashton’s selections in the playlist above.


1. Vito Ricci ‎– I Was Crossing A Bridge LP

The whole LP is mind-blowing! From start to finish!

2. The System – The System EP

Cheesy, hot, catchy, essential reissue right here. Includes the ambient techno jam that’s also brain frazzling.

3. Joel Graham – Night

Amazing 15 minute workout starting spooky and ending dreamy.

4. Gaussian Curve – Clouds

Gigi Masin, Young Marco and Jonny Nash… don’t really need to say much more apart from that we’re excited for album #2.

5. Dip in the Pool: Dipping – 2 On Retinae (West Version)

Killer mellow japanese pop reissue with amazing vocals and bouncy synth line.


6. Syracuse – On Desert Oceans

7. Domenique Dumont – L’Esprit de l’Escalier

Makes us feel like we’re still in the EU.

8. Inoue Shirabe – You Don’t Know My Light Cycle

Lo-fi deep housey techno that feels raw yet.

9. Paki & Visnadi ‎– Imaginary Choreography LP

Amazing reissue originally composed for dance schools.

10. Raphael Top Secret & Nelson Bishop – Love So High EP


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