If-Only take a look at creative guru Jeff Ng and his project Staple Design…

Jeff Ng (jeffstaple as he is commonly known) is a clothing, web and graphic designer and the Founder and Creative Director of Staple Design, a self proclaimed ‘positive social contagion’, which sits at the top of whichever creative field it immerses itself in. Staple Design came about in 97’, initially as an apparel brand aimed at, with the intent to reflect, the street culture of New York during the late 90s. Since then the collective have grown exponentially, with Jeff taking the company into areas of further diversity within the art world. Staple Design not only designs and produces the Staple apparel line but also runs a shop come art gallery called Reed Space, based on the Lower East Side of NYC, through which Jeff and the team behind Staple showcase and sell the clothing line but have also played host to many of the most celebrated artists of our generation; Reed Space has recently launched a full length publication which is available here, and is well worth a read.

Staple Design also runs a creative consulting firm, working with some of the largest companies and brands from the clothing industry and beyond: amassing an impressive roster of clients which includes Nike, New Balance, Burton, Triple Five Soul, Versace, Sony, Apple and Microsoft. The result of which being a string of successful and sought after collaboration pieces.  Staple acts to perfectly mix street-minded sensibilities with mature sophisticated links to high end fashion through its apparel line. As well as enabling other brands to achieve those same standards it projects through its consultation firm; it is through this and many other platforms that Jeff and the Staple Design project act as a web to share and spread their social visions. Staple acts as a figure head for creativity and should be seen as such in a time where more and more people are exploring their creativity through various and diverse mediums.

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Words by Nick Jones.

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