I Love Acid bosses and TB-303 enthusiasts Posthuman select and review a handful of the best new acid releases and tweakers each month…

Lie of the Land – Porn Wax Fourteen

Mystery artist Lie of the Land (from what we can gather, is a new moniker of an established producer from the Tusk Wax ranks) debuts here with two epic tracks on ten-inch pink marbled vinyl. Porn indeed. A-side ‘Chapparal’ builds with Mr Fingers-style Juno acid clonks, awash with strings and pads and rumbling drums building into a seriously epic soundscape when a straight-up 303 drops. B-side ‘Naivigator’ is a more solid acid chugger, dead of night Weatherall territory – eyes closed but hands up, amongst the haze of smoke machines. Release of the month. Vinyl-only and limited to 300 copies too so go get it.


Slam – Like This

Heavy as fuck, straight to the point and relentless from the founders of Soma Records. For the first four minutes this just pounds you with 909 beats, a huge rumbling kick and a repeated sample “like this” until a FUSE-style acid riff finally appears taking it up a notch. Slam have still got it.


Various Artists – Straight Out Of Wandsworth EP

The Downfall crew have been running parties in London for a couple of years now, with a strict “vinyl and hardware only” ethos. Their events are well known amongst the heads, you can often find the likes of Jerome Hill or Colin Dale manning the decks. The guys behind the label were all involved in the acid house scene back in the late ’80s and early ’90s (main man Acid Connor was a notorious rave tape bootlegger in Camden Market) and have finally put their money where their mouths are and released a 12” of hardware analogue acid tracks. Highlights here are The Auditor’s electro ‘Jack The Rhythm’ and Trio 3’s ‘Fuck Chicago’. Proper.


Cignol – Hidden Galaxies

Winner of this month’s best artwork – the latest release on Computer Controlled Records. Sci-fi electro acid, a soundtrack for intergalactic robot war (filmed on Super 8). 

All five tracks are superb but ‘No Reply From 806’ and ‘Submerged Aegis’ are the ones here.


Skaph – Sweet As Marlenka

Skaph hails from Liberec, a city in Czech Republic near the border of Poland… oddly enough, I remember DJing there at a crazy techno warehouse party, after driving for hours through at least five feet of snow, in the middle of winter sometime about 2002 or 3… but I digress.

The title track here takes the kind of laconic, complex acid melodies you’d expect from Tin Man or Richie Hawtin, multi-layered and seeped in reverb. ’28’ moves more into techno territory while our fave ‘Lizard Theme’ ups the delays on the 303 and sets it against a clonky-bell riff. There’s elements of trance in here but in the best possible way – and the entire EP is completely free to download from the Fresky Bandcamp page. No excuses – grab a copy now.

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