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Boychi – Ghetto In Da House

Absolutely jumping from the word go, Ukrainian producer Boychi with this one-tracker on Brighton TB-enthusiasts Acid 606-61. High tempo, relentless drops builds, and switching 303 lines over a proper jacking 707 beat and stuttering vocal samples. Superb stuff.


Larionov & St Theodoré – Snuff Cuts 08

The Snuff Trax sub-label marks its eighth release, features Russian producers Larionov and St Theodoré with a pair of deep, raw acid trax. ‘Mirage’ is all lush glockenspiels and pads over a Mr Fingers style bassline that slowly acquires more acidic snarl as the track progresses. ‘Voyage’ brings the energy to the front with doubled up 303 lines and DX wind bell pads at the fore. Excellent release from the Raw Union-affiliated crew.


Nite Fleit – SCDD007

Melbourne producer Nite Fleit’s debut release, on Steel City Dance Discs from the city she calls home. Four tracks of acid-infused electro and EBM. Opener ‘Scram’ has the 303 drenched in reverb over skittering beats, the soundtrack to a late night subway train through derelict industrial suburbs. ‘Little Friend’ picks up the tempo but again isn’t afraid to use the space created from plenty of reverb – this whole EP has an epic, movie-like feel to it as a result. Favourite here is ‘Psychic and Mental’ where the acid and beats feel layered on drifting pads that conjure up memories of classic FSOL. Wicked artwork too, absolute belter of a 12”.


Hezziane – Acid Fux

I have absolutely no idea who Hezziane is. It’s from Belfast (I think?), the artist has 12 followers on Facebook. There’s no information, just a soundcloud with two tracks and three words: “Dirty Analogue Frequencies.” On purple hand-stamped vinyl, it’s straight-to-the-point acid business and it’s very, very good indeed.


LUZ1E – 4​/​5​/​20​/​18​/​15​/​9​/​20

Lottery number EP title aside, this four-tracker from Frankfurt’s Luz1e married lush pads with high speed electro and frenetic acid lines, though never feels hurried or cluttered. Standout tracks are the pensive ‘SOLITVDE’ which has a kind of fading sunset sadness to it, and the uptempo ‘Exploration of the Mind’ all electro breakbeats against a single acid note building up into a crescendo. Excellent.

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