After several years of touring and playing records far and wide, Kasra V will launch a party to call his own. Hosting the semi-regular knees-up at east London basement spot The Waiting Room, the Persian Prince will invite a guest to join him each time, kicking things off with Antinote boss Zaltan on February 9th.

Iranian born, the Tehran native has lived in London through his most formative years. This unique perspective has lent itself to a sound informed by an attraction to Middle Eastern timbres, leftfield dance music and synth-powered oddities, represented in his curation of his NTS show. Always eclectic, guests like Paramida, Intergalactic Gary and iconic Swiss electronic duo Yello have joined him for those bi-weekly broadcasts, and throwing parties with some of these names feels like a natural progression. Counting down the days until Zaltan joins him in the basement, Kasra has thrown together a playlist to whet appetites for the dance.

1. Jocelyn Pook – Flood

You might have heard of Jocelyn’s work on films such as Eyes Wide Shut, I’m personally a massive fan of her work and this is the sort of songs I would probably at the beginning of a party.

2. Higher Intelligence Agency – Re-Echo

Early UK IDM with an acid tinge from 1993, their debut album Colourform is insanely good, check it out!

3. Konsistent feat MZ – Держи Мою Руку

Lately I find myself playing songs from Konsistent a lot and genuinely think he is one to watch (he sent me loads of unreleased goodness the other day too!) This one is from a VA release on SpAceLex’s Eine Welt!

4. The Black Dog – Tahr

The Black Dog is possibly one of the most important groups of UK techno and IDM. Two of the members then went to form Plaid which is equally as exciting. ‘Tahr’ is taken from their first album on Warp from 1994.

5. Tanita Tikaram – Twist in my Sobriety

This song and video used to really weird me out as a child but I used to find it very fascinating at the same time. I would sit in front of TV watching VH1 waiting for it to come up pre-internet days!

6. Superficie – Febre Do Vale

Focusing on a more recent release, this EP is so spot on. Really good sense of rhythm and I quite dig the slight vogue influence

7. Ramin – I can’t understand

Trance classic from Iranian / German producer Ramin. I’ve had this record for a while but for some reason I’ve never managed to play it out although it’s a favourite of mine. Definitely dropping this at the party!

8. Frequency X – Hearing Things Deep

Anything by Frequency X is always going to be good if you dig UK acid house, trust me on this one!

9. Coil – The Snow (As Pure As)

Quite possibly one of the best UK bands I would say with an endless discography. This song has quite a few versions and they are all amazing but this is my pick!

10. DJ Pulse – Stay Calm

What’s a party without some jungle?

Kasra V invites Zaltan to play Domino Dance at The Waiting Room, London, on February 9th – buy tickets here.

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