Sheffield’s Central Processing Unit further emphasise their reliability when it comes to delivering vintage-sounding, high-quality electro with this quite frankly excellent new release from Annie Hall, aka Ana Artalejo. A prominent figure in the Spanish electronic music scene and current co-runner of the record label Detroit Underground, Artalejo uses this EP to bring a specific female-focus to the attention of all listeners; its tracks take titular cues from the surnames of notorious women in the field of science, ranging from Caroline Herschel to Lise Meitner. It’s a poignant touch to what is already a strong release, and Annie Hall certainly pulls no punches in the methodical execution of her stylistic approach over the course of Tenured Positions.

‘Curie’ twinkles with vibrancy and feels elegant in every aspect of its construction. Despite the obvious technical prowess, genuinely heartfelt melody and evocative sonic manipulation manage to rise to the surface, showcasing Annie Hall’s real talent at making authentic and compelling electro in its most absolute, emotive form. ‘Meitner’ swoons and sways with the same kind of electronic fervour and mood – Drexciyan stabs punctuate the song’s middle movement and remain in steady momentum until its conclusion, further highlighting the strong Detroit influence on this particular EP.

B1 ‘Arden’ feels both cavernous and hypnotising thanks to its spacious soundbed. That is, until effervescent tones illuminate the path, assisting the track in an escape from the gloomy chasm from which it emerged. ‘Herschel’ is probably the smoothest of the lot, with its very simple yet altogether calming bassline and swirling synths, both acting as an appropriate farewell to a 12” that sees the artist go through a wide variety of motions over the course of its brief duration. CPU certainly has a knack for recruiting the right names to mesh with their overall electro aesthetic, and Annie Hall’s debut is certainly no exception.

Tenured Positions is out now – buy in vinyl or digital format direct from CPU.

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