With the dust barely settled from Powder‘s UK debut at Body Motion she’s all set to touch back down in the Big Smoke this coming Thursday (December 15th). If you were looking for a good excuse to avoid potentially awkward exchanges at your office Christmas party, now you have it. Descending on The Yard in Hackney Wick, the Born Free mainstay will grace the turntables alongside keen illustrator and NTS regular anu (Rhythm Section) and Ben of semi-regular party inner-u for an intimate knees-up. With record collections that go deeper than the average, the pair have picked a few tracks aimed at tempting fence-sitters to duck out of those tiresome work drinks a bit earlier this Thursday.

anu and Ben play A party with Powder on December 15th at The Yard, London – buy tickets here.


1. Rouge Mécanique – Ampedusa Xaver

Set the tone. A moody and fiercely alive record.

2. Aleksi Perälä – UK74R1512110

Hard to listen to anything else after you’ve been introduced to Colundi and it’s powers.

3. Lena Willikens – Howlin’ Lupus

To only be brought out under a full moon.

4. Best Available Technology – Tide Tunnels

An audio representation of what happens when you combine a smoke machine and a strobe.

5. AU feat. Paleo – It Takes Time

Some life-affirming speak from Paleo. Pats you on the back and sends you on your way.


6. Boy Harsher – Pain

This is the kind of thing I would have been really into when I was 13. I’m still 13. Very intense and very danceable.

7. Inhalt – Occupations

One of my fav releases on Dark Entries.

8. Jay Daniel – 1001 Nights

Jay Daniel gets it right every time. I like how drum heavy the whole album is.

9. U – Black Danube

Where To Now recently had a 50% sale and I went wild. This is by far one of my favourite tracks that has come out of this label. The sleeve is beautiful too.

10. Beatrice Dillon – Halfway

I put this track in not realising it was another Where To Now release but it’s too good to take out. Is it just me or does this track have some grime elements to it?

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