Babylon Barsebäck‘s take on lo-fi house and techno sounds remarkably fresh at a time when the well-worn formula feels tired and hackneyed. With track titles like ‘I Don’t Sell Drugs Please It’s Just A Fucking Fanny Pack’, the Malmö-based producer doesn’t give much away besides displaying a reluctance to take himself seriously. The productions are similarly playful affairs, equipped with warped hip house samples, bottom-heavy grooves and balmy atmospheres. A self-released, digi-only effort available via his Bandcamp, his only previous release is coated with a thick film of dust, but at its best an irrepressible vitality and charm shines brightly through the decay.

Now preparing to make his debut proper, Barsebäck is a new recruit for Tomahawk, a label that stormed onto the lo-fi scene at the tail end of 2016. Following two releases resplendent with tunnel dwelling techno and stirring vocals jams, his Savannah Sides EP slots into the label’s back catalogue seamlessly. Take opener ‘Apala (Squad)’ for example: a heady, shamanic brew of compressed organ stabs, flying kick drums, indecipherable chanting and woody percussive timbres, it’s the Swede’s most accomplished attempt at crafting something evocative and atmospheric.

Savannah Sides is out August 18th on Tomahawk – pre-order direct from the label here.

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