Body Motion bookings are bold, with Glaswegian party-starters Golden Teacher, Good Timin’ boss Jex Opolis and Perth Drug Legend – better known as one half of Clouds – among the previous guests. Lyon-based analogue misfits J-Zbel make the rest seem like Cliff Richard in comparison though. Record titles like Hyena Sticks Head in Elephant’s Butt and How I Made My Mom & Sis’ My Sexbot Slaves aside, the shadowy trio decimate all comers with a severe fusion of trance, jungle, techno and acid.

What J-Zbel lack in subtlety, they make up for with unfettered productions and a take no prisoners approach. It just so happens that those qualities make them the ideal pairing for Body Motion, so it only seemed right that the South London club night should be the first to bring them over. Ahead of descending into the Rye Wax basement, residents Together Dance Music and DJ Ellie have picked a few tracks to get the juices flowing. It’s music for lagoon dwellers, virtual reality wanderers and balaclava-clad rogues. For the shadowy corners, lush rainforests and in true Body Motion fashion, all paths lead to the sweaty basement.

J-Zbel (DJ set) play Body Motion on June 17thtickets are limited to 100, so don’t sleep!

1. Hermeto Pascoal – Música da Lagoa

Descended from the plinth Hermeto calls to all. The most elegant water dance, coined by he, is commonly known as “the static plunge”. First man ever recorded openly summoning butterflies.
Pastoral/field-experimentalism. See also bio-wave-machine.

2. African Head Charge language & mentality 1986

And with that the list is begun. Shall we establish a polity? Some rules? To be honest it normally writes itself; just get the fires going, the juices flowing. So many shared words in sheer woods, memory is strange.

Inheritance Trax/Mystic key finder.

3. Human Beings – The Matrix (1992)

There it is, the first proper tock. Excitement swells, is this it? Deflation deflation deflation.

Interdance (verb). See also Binary Gloss and Future Swathe.

4. Air Liquide – From Desert To Desert

I keep thinking we’re further away from this point than we obviously are. CHRIST can the bangs please start yet, I’m starting to not catch my breath.

Dronewatch. Creaky blinders.

5. The Black Dog – Virtual

The breaks come and relief swells. It’s not stiff enough but it’s better. That’s alright we’ll just throw in a ten minute decision. Buy us some of that time you were talking about.

Distraction.png – File with the other Disangular/Transparent rollers.

6. Edwards & Armani – Up Your Bum (Acid Petrol Mix)


Divisive/Romantic in the modern style. Energy flash. Battery Acid.

7. Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia – Out Now!

A member of this party will join us in August, Rye Wax. There that’s the exclusive announcement managed. How many subscribers receive the newsletter Matt?

Anticipatient. Antipastoral. Antipodium.

8. Exquisite Corpse – Sacrifice

To clarify this is the member.

9. Intelligent Communication – Drive

Binary transmission from Hotpoint 4.3 – “LAST ORDERS”

10. F.U.S.E. – F.U.2 (Re-edit)

One more, for the road. Make it a strong one [he winks, the glitch catching his eye as it closes].

My favourite fact about J-Zbel is that some people hate them. (0.35 start);

J-Zbel (DJ set) play Body Motion on June 17thtickets are limited to 100, so don’t sleep!


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