Purveyors of mutant strains of dub and “outernational sounds,” Bokeh Versions have been infiltrating the airwaves via NTS and the racks at reputable record stores catering to the electronically-inclined. Since its inception in 2015, the label has released music both new and old, from the esoteric dub reissue, Captain Ganja And The Space Patrol, to fresh productions by the likes of Seekersinternational and Jay Glass Dubs. Incorporating elements of psych rock, ambient or fourth world into their radio broadcasts, everything is carefully curated for listeners with only the most adventurous of ears, but the cosmic reaches of dub are their principal focus.

The latest product to emerge from the Bokeh production line, Paris-based LIES affiliate Low Jack has collaborated with Time Cow of DDS and Equiknoxx fame on an hour-long cassette of digi-dancehall. Like the Raime mixtape Our Versions of Their Versions it presents a futurist take on classic dancehall tropes and you can listen to two of the tracks below, both of which are also available on a 7″ dubplate that’s limited to just 30 copies.

Glacial Dancehall 2 is out on August 25th on Bokeh Versions – pre-order the cassette here.

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