People are all too easily caught up in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, never taking a moment to reap the benefits of self-reflection – it’s an approach to living that leaves many at risk of burning out. Based out of Berlin, Broshuda has recognised the need to take a step back and see the bigger picture, compiling a playlist of uplifting music intended to encourage personal growth.

With heralded releases on labels like Sonic Router and Haunter Records under his belt, this comes hot on the heels of the ambient shapeshifter and graphic designer’s NoCorner debut. In parts, the cassette is atonal and challenging, others, it’s a soothing listen, but like so much amorphous, ambient music, listeners can meditate on the spooling, expansive soundscapes. Between this, the playlist and his recent contribution to the If-Only podcast series, it would seem Broshuda has taken it upon himself to address the issue, offering up listening material capable of evoking moments of quiet introspection.

1. Paddy McAloon – I Trawl The Megahertz

Bristol’s very own gentleman Kinlaw introduced me to this beautiful piece of music after I showed him the second part of You’ll Always Stay Beautiful last year, I found myself returning to this for lightheaded evening listening sessions quite a bit. Uplifting and heart wrenching at the same time, a mood I’m especially interested in pursuing in my own music as well.

2. Oscillation Circuit – Homme

When I discovered this gem it directly made me feel right at home as if it had already been with me for a long time, a very intriguing and especially rare and gratifying feeling music can give you sometimes. Commence the glide.

3. Joseph Shabason – Aytche

I came across this album via Jamie Hudson’s Sendspaace show on NTS and instantly fell in love with it, with this track in particular having become the companion to some special  moments and memories, more than highly recommended listening in my opinion.

4. Charlemagne Palestine – Beauty Chord & Voice

Please listen for yourself and utilise when in pursuit of lucid dreams, astral projection or deep meditation.

5. Madalyn Merkey – Siren

Mesmerising otherworldly excursions by the brilliant Madalyn Merkey, perfectly suited for half remembered moods of Sundays passed.

6. Dean Blunt – Eight 

Either ‘Flaxen’s younger or older sibling, I’m not exactly sure, but it’s lovely to have a variation of the track out in the world, the combination of harp, choir and voice manages to tickle the ears in just the right way.

7. Sophia Loizou – Shadow Box

I think it’s universally agreed on that the combination of glacial soundscapes and jungle breaks still works best to fire up the synapses and get minds and bodies moving alike. A masterclass album by Sophia Loizou on Shapednoise’s Cosmo Rhytmatic label.

8. Jemh Circs – Qot

Long time admirer of Marc Richter’s work here, with this release taking a break from his main alias Black To Comm to push through to more quirky and colourful dimensions, while keeping the melancholic undertone intact. 

9. Maxwell Sterling – Feeling Without Meaning

Maxwell Sterling orchestrating a powerful setting for deep introspection and reflection on this one, truly masterful work. Rumour has it both him and Kinlaw (amongst others) might have provided individual versions of You’ll Always Stay Beautiful for a remix project on NoCorner arriving later this year. 

10. Hieroglyphic Being – Dreams De Illusionaries

Not quite sure how many times I might have listened to this since Munich’s MVP jungle technician Skee Mask showed it to me the other day, but it never fails to fascinate and inspire. More of a painting than a track in my eyes, supplying a very distinct and special palette of feelings. I love the build up to where the synth locks in to the bittersweet main melody for the first time. Pure serotonin cocktail sonics.

You’ll Always Stay Beautiful is out now on NoCorner – buy it direct from the label.

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