Shining a spotlight on some of the best that YouTube has to offer…

Digging for music can be very rewarding. Rewarding, but also time consuming. That’s why we should be eternally grateful when someone goes beyond the call of duty to share their discoveries with the world. The YouTube channel is one of the most effective platforms to do so, but we feel the efforts of those behind the channels often go under-appreciated.

A potent resource for evocative and dreamlike music that falls nicely between the bedroom and the dancefloor, Moskalus is one of the better-known channels in circulation. Filled to the brim with balmy house, ambient techno, chugging acid and the like, the consistent output is matched in its quality by the spellbinding visuals.

With nearly five-hundred uploads in a little over a year there’s plenty to wrap your ears around, but we’ve taken the time to highlight a few of our favourites;

1. Tell – ‘Floating Lands’ [House Running]

A slab of subterranean house from the digital-only House Running imprint. All their music is currently available to download for free, so make sure to have a dig.

2. Flyer – ‘Get Back Your Love’ (Samo DJ Edit) [Public Possesion]

DJ Samo gave Flyer’s cheesy Italo classic the remix treatment for Public Possession. Just one of four Italo edits on the same 12″, we highly recommend checking out the full release.

3. DJ Spider – ‘Mind Field’ [Public System Recordings] (Video by Pi Yun)

DJ Spider delivered this one as part of a four-tracker, serving as the inaugural release for the French/Australian Public System label back in May. Seriously digging those snare rolls.

4. Tissu – ‘Ground Loop’ [Mörk]

From Lobster Theremin to Mörk, Jimmy Asquith rarely signs anything that’s short of excellent and the sub-label’s fourth release didn’t buck the trend. Gurgling 303s and delay-smothered synth lines, Tissu‘s opener has us hooked. 

5. J. Albert – ‘Transparency’ [NeoViolence]

The channel features several J. Albert uploads and we struggled to decide on a favourite. In the end we went with this dusty number that you can grab as part of a ‘name your price’ compilation from Neo Violence.

6. Patricia – ‘Sick Day’

Another freebie, this time courtesy of Opal Tapes stalwart, Patricia. Stunning and melancholic in equal parts, there’s something really calming about listening to music like this while watching people skate (we also recommend giving his Bem Inventory LP a listen).

7. Annanan – ‘Antagonism’ [Pinkman]

A little rougher around the edges than our previous selections, Annanan’s immersive brand of techno is the heads-down sort of music you go out to hear on a proper system.

8. Terekke – ‘C + C’

Few do ethereal and otherworldly as well as Terekke. Some try, and with varying degrees of success, but the Brooklyn-based producer makes it seem so effortless. So much so that tracks of this quality are given away as if it was nothing.

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