Brazilian producer CoastDream has assembled a strong collection of woozy house tunes for Parisian label Renascence, with all five tracks evoking the feeling of its given name: Sunny Breeze. CoastDream establishes a very distinct and idiosyncratic style across the release, staying in touch with the musical approach we heard on ‘Untitled 16’, the producer’s contribution to the inaugural Salt Mines 12″ we covered last year.

The titular opening track utilises a recurring, hazy vocal sample and a swooping central melody to help evoke a joyously oneiric quality which persists throughout the entirety of the cut, and indeed, the EP as a whole. ‘Tool B’ keeps in line with this stylistic endeavour. Tapping its way into being with some looping drum patterns, they eventually fade out so CoastDream’s infectious knack for a tune can come into full focus, in the form of a truly sumptuous fuzzy centrepiece. It feels like a blissed-out transmission from the producer’s inhabited world, broadcasted outwards so we too can benefit from the wonder and the whimsy of this splendidly euphoric music.

Other highlights include ‘Looking For’, which begins with some initial heavy percussion and debaucherously manipulated low-end bass, all of which lay the foundation for some heady vocals and accompanying synths which bubble up in a truly glorious fashion. Considering this alongside ‘ABC Theme’, which moves along at a similar pace with its swerving, sun-kissed rhythm, both provide more of the same tropical, albeit slightly warped material which CoastDream seems to be so adept at producing.

The Sunny Breeze EP is out soon – keep an eye on the Renascence Facebook page for further updates.

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