Exploring the nexus between warmth and melancholy seemed to be Doppelate‘s default setting. Drawing comparisons with Detroit house, it’s present on appearances for labels like Let’s Go Swimming, Cong Burn and X-Kalay, while the Londoner’s Share XL cassette overflows with heavy-hearted ambience both massaging and tear-jerking. These days, however, his remit is forever expanding: most notably through the genre-colliding radio show and soon-to-be record label, MEGAL METAL, mixes for 12th Isle, Going Good and Seven Hills also demonstrate a versatility eclipsing what we’d originally come to expect.

The latest turn in his constant shapeshifting finds Doppelate return to the so-called default, evoking seasonal change with a contribution to the Concept In Practice series. A reactive, sonic representation of how weather can affect mood, he also took the time to answer a few questions.

Hi mate, could you tell us a bit about the mix?

It’s a mix of music put together on-and-off over the past 5-6 months as I’ve gradually accumulated ideas and sounds that I thought would fit. I tend to have quite a few various projects on the go at the same time. The mix has grown by reacting to the changes in seasons going on around it and the physical changes that come with that. I’ve always been interested in how changes in the weather and the environment can affect our thoughts, our plans, our anxieties etc.   

When and where was it recorded?

It was put together at my house in London. Parts were done over the winter, and other bits during the spring. The final version was put together on a warm and muggy day in May with the windows open. 

How would you recommend listening to it?

In a car travelling down the M11 into London on a hot day. You could also listen to it whilst lying down by a lake. I hope that everyone can find their own ideal way of listening to the mix.

Do you have any process when it comes to sourcing new music? Any specific places you look or favourite spots to go digging?

There is no defined way and I prefer to let things take their natural course. I take a lot of inspiration from my friends’ music collections, and usually enjoy finding new stuff at various nights and parties. London has some great spots for buying music too; immediate ones that spring to mind are Low Company, Yo-Yo and Atlantis. I also bought some nice stuff at Honest Jon’s last time I was there, and Flashback is really good for having a dig in. Charity shops can also be great. 

How about the last record you bought?

Gregory Isaacs – I Can’t Give You My Love (the Shashamane version). Essential for the collection. I bought this at Atlantis Records at around 9:30am one day recently. 

Do you have any process when it comes to record store digging?

There’s no specific process but I think it’s good to have a nice drink at the pub afterwards. Take a good friend with you too. 

How did you source the music played in this mix?

It’s a collection of music from my collection which is an ongoing work in progress. Various tracks have different backstory e.g. one of them is from a sweet Andrew Chalk CD I brought from Low Company on the way home one day in heavy rain. My girlfriend is a big Ulla Straus fan; there’s always some Ulla Straus playing around the house so some of that is also included in the mix.

What have been your go-to coping mechanisms while living in lockdown?

I have been cycling and running a lot and spending a lot of time making new music and mixes. There are some forests and lakes around here in East London which are very peaceful. It can also be very good to put on a jacking mix and have a day-party with your housemates. Every now and then it’s good to put on your favourite clothes. Look out for your neighbours and help them out when possible.

And finally, do you have planned for the rest of the year?

I’m planning to keep on working on new music and some further mixes, and think about lining up some shows for when this lockdown is over and it’s safe to re-open music spaces again. I also have a record coming out in late summer which I’m excited about – more details soon I hope.

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