Alexis Le-Tan is something of a cult figure on the dance music landscape. An acolyte of the Goa trance sound, he cut his teeth in the early ’90s, DJing on the one-time unspoilt beaches of Western India before moving on to pastures new. He has since earned a reputation as a prolific champion of the edit – taking a cutting tool to the long-forgotten, misunderstood and sometimes even unplayable, endeavours like Full Circle, a project Alexis runs in collaboration with Joakim and Ill-Studio, have both recontextualised and breathed new life into dance music from the most obscure fringes.

Edits for Les Edits Du Golem and Bahnsteig 23 demonstrated a keen ear for industrial, new beat and new wave oddities, but the Frenchman’s never strayed too far from his roots. Test-driven on dancefloors far and wide by the likes of Vladimir Ivkovic, Phuong Dan and Ivan Smagghe, Wonders Ovze World blurred genre boundaries, serving up a clutch of edits underpinned by the lysergic and meditative qualities of Goa trance. Capable of inducing collective states of bodily transcendence, it’s a mood and energy also channelled into this mix.

Alexis Le-Tan joins River Yarra, Spekki Webu and Woody’92 to play our party at Five Miles, London on May 31st – buy tickets and RSVP.

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