From the farthest reaches of the cosmos, Sadie Haque has been relaying euphoric signals to London dancefloors for several years. As A Boy From Outer Space, an alias borrowed from a late ’90s trance album, her high-energy approach to DJing joins dots between the hard-edged, playful and peculiar. More often than not, she can be found charting a luminous path through the hardcore continuum, paying little heed to current trends along the way.

Known for playing fast and weird, the monthly J’adore Hardcore broadcasts on Netil Radio encapsulate what Haque does fairly comprehensively. Running with the theme of space exploration her mix charts a familiar no-frills course. Charging through the high-octane and cerebral, it’s a take-no-prisoners blend intended to “soundtrack your journey to Uranus and back.” Forget EBM, this is IBM, coming right at you from the most deeply hidden recesses of the universe.

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