He’s known as the brains behind Mothball Record, AKA the “Italo connection down under,” but Hysteric‘s tastes extend far beyond the eccentric, synth-fuelled disco sounds of 1970s and ’80s Italy. As electronic oddities go, the Melbourne native has left few stones unturned in his efforts to reissue long-forgotten gems. In fact, seven years of Mothball has found him exploring and excavating everything from wave obscurities and library music to hi-NRG.

A passion for dusting off electronic curiosities has contributed to a record collection spanning genres, decades and continents. Also partial to the occasional toe-dip into rave territory, if it weren’t already clear, Hysteric delivers the kind of eclecticism many DJs and diggers aspire to. Synth-pop and new wave remain two of his foremost musical interests though, and he’s taken the time to highlight some favourites of Antipodean origin with this conceptual mix.

“Disclaimer: this selection and mix is a reflection of my personal tastes in Oz / NZ new wave and synth-pop rather than an attempt at a definitive document.

I first became aware of the Australian minimal-wave (or however you want to call it) scene in 2006, thanks to Jens / Elias Rafael from the CBS forum, who gave me a list of Australian records he was looking for. From that list I heard for the first time, of The Metronomes, Ash Wednesday, David Chesworth and the M-Squared label. Mostly I was told by record store owners that they had never heard of them, or that they were totally impossible to find.

With a bit of lucky digging and patience (also money), I was eventually able to find a few which I traded for the fetishised Italo records I was searching for. When I later found a few of these Australian minimal-wave records again, I actually took the time to listen to them properly and my mind was blown that music so close to my tastes, was produced here in my own country. In particular, the compilation “The Signal To Noise Set”, which alongside Karen Marks’ – “Cold Café” ranks as the one of finest Australian records (for my taste).

This mix represents some of those records, plus other random bits of Oz / NZ stuff that appealed to me on the day.” – Hysteric

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