Josh Cheon’s Dark Entries has established itself as a purveyor of queer culture since its inception in 2013. Considering the close ties with gay San Francisco DJ collective Honey Soundsystem, it was only natural that the label took this approach, paving the way for the ‘Gay Pride Bundle’ that’s set for release later this month. Consisting of four releases, it span both genres and decades, celebrating the indelible mark gay communities have made on underground electronic music in true Dark Entries fashion.

The sheer volume of excellent reissues rolling off the Dark Entries production line is beyond impressive. Unsurprisingly, the first Gay Pride record happens to be yet another obscure excavation, this time featuring the playful electro disco productions of former Lizzy Mercier Descloux collaborator, Philippe Krootchey. A reissue of No Motive, the sole release from the brilliantly named band 3 Teens Kill 4, is the other elder statesman, presenting an album of quintessentially New York post-punk and new wave originally released in ’83.

Cherry-picking from 2016’s digital-only album Part Flamingo, our favourite in the bundle comes from the Jeffrey Sfire (SFIRE) and Ian Clark (Le Car/Perspects) collaboration, Looky Looky. In a “contemporary recasting of Italo, Hi-NRG and electro,” strapping basslines and impeccably arranged drum patterns make their propulsive brand of machine music incredibly moreish. More 21st Century productions appear on the final slab of wax too, as Dark Entries press both coveted singles from Swedish producer Tobias Bernstrup‘s debut album to the same 12″.

All four releases are due to come out on June 26th – pre-order direct from the label.

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