Bandcamp announced their ‘Bandcamp Friday’ series will continue until the end of the year. Initially conceived to help combat the loss of touring income for artists, it has since paved the way for compilations where proceeds are earmarked for charitable donation, and waiving their fees for 24-hours at a time, fan have spent over $75 million on the platform since its inception.

Confirmed to run until the end of the year, we singled out several standout charitable contributions ahead of its return this week (you can check August’s selections here).

3afak: Love to NYC

A “kind of microcosm” for the New York scene, the DJ Sanna and Bergsonist-curated 3afak project serves up this genre-spanning compilation.

Who’s on it: Maral, Bookworms, Kush Jones, DJ Plead, DJ Lycox, James Bangura, Bergsonist

Where’s the money going: 50% of profits will be donated to The Okra Project.


Grief Into Rage: A Compilation for Beirut

Beirut finds itself in a financial meltdown following August’s devastating port explosion. Curated by Jordan’s DJ Toumba, this 36-track compilation will directly support the recovery effort for a city dubbed the ‘Paris of the Middle East’.

Who’s on it: Lara Sarkissian, TSVI, Nahash, Hodge, 96 Back, Pugilist, DJ Plead, Hiro Kone

Where’s the money going: All profits will be donated to the Lebanese Red Cross and the Beirut Musicians’ Fund.


The Many

The lovely people behind Meda Fury pull a seriously heavyweight compilation out the bag just in time for Bandcamp Friday.

Who’s on it: Bryce Hackford, DMX Krew, Hieroglyphic Being, S.O.N.S, Violet

Where’s the money going: All profits will be split equally between Amnesty International, Afrorack, Stop Hate UK and Harrow Club W10.


New Neighborhoods

Released in 1975, Neighborhoods by field recordist Ernest Hood was intended to summon “joy in reminiscence”. Fast forward 25 years and New York label Freedom To Spend pay tribute to the album with an international, intergenerational selection.

Who’s on it: Todd Barton, Space Afrika, bookworms, Roberto Carlos Lange (Helado Negro)

Where’s the money going: All proceeds will be donated to the Association for Neighbourhood and Housing Development (ANHD)’s Center for Community Leadership program.


Desire Lines Vol. 1

Discriminated against being able to find formal employment, the ongoing pandemic has had a major impact on the transgender community. Also threatening trans rights, trans non-binary artist El Hardwick has pulled together a compilation engaging in “blissful dialogue that celebrates collective healing in queer communities”.

Who’s on it: Mabe Fratti, Arushi Jain, Dolphin Midwives, El Hardwick

Where’s the money going: All proceeds will be donated to QueerCare.



More “hyperpop and ravepop centric” manoeuvres courtesy of Nevada-based label, WEIRD NXC®.

Who’s on it: DJ FINGERBLAST, MURDER CLUB, Dvnots, DJ Victor Borge

Where’s the money going: All proceeds will be donated to the The Okra Project, the Black Trans Femmes in the Arts and the For The Gworls Collective.


Big Material

And finally, why not throw our own charity compilation in for good measure. No shame in this self-promoting plug.

Who’s on it: JD Twitch, River Yarra, Priori, Max Abysmal, DJ Twitch, Ciel, Rings Around Saturn

Where’s the money going: All profits will be donated to Stonewall Housing.

If you’d like to discover more, this is a crowd-sourced list of black artists, while Bandcamp themselves have compiled a comprehensive list of artists and labels offering donations here.

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