Donations can feel like a drop in the ocean when it comes to affecting real, systemic change. With all that’s happening on the global stage, you’d be forgiven for looking out the window and expecting the world to be aflame. But what can you do, right? Does your contribution really make a difference?

The ongoing fight for racial equality to the Covid-19 pandemic, some incredible initiatives have emerged of late. It all counts, whether you’re fundraising via livestream, donating to bail funds, participating in peaceful protest, writing to your local MP, or even engaging in potentially awkward conversations with that bigoted uncle. Apathy is a luxury only the most privileged of us can enjoy, so even if it feels somewhat in vain, we ought to do what we can to make a difference. For want of a phrase that doesn’t make this sound like a Tesco advert, every little helps.

Bandcamp have been waiving their fees on a 24-hour basis, and today marks the fourth occasion they’re doing so. Initially conceived to help combat the loss of touring income for artists, it has since paved the way for compilations where proceeds are earmarked for charitable donation. To help navigate these waters, we rounded up several standout contributions.

United Ravers Against Fascism

A meeting of minds as Live From Earth Klub and Gabber Eleganza‘s Never Sleep imprint combine for a 22-track compilation. White-knuckle dancefloor ordnance in the upper echelons of BPM, with a brief tender moment from Mechatok saved for the end.

Who’s on it: Casual Gabberz, Minimal Violence, Machine Woman, Lizzitsky, Clouds, Powell, Gabber Eleganza

Where’s the money going: All proceeds from tape and digital sales will be donated to Seebrücke, the Auschwitz Memorial and the fundraiser for Aboubakar Soumahoro



Lost & Found Vol. 1

Josh Cheon’s Dark Entries imprint garnered a reputation for reissuing the finest esoteric, DIY dance music the ’80s had to offer. Having broadened their horizons to release contemporary music from local artists, Lost & Found Vol. 1 combines the best of both words over 10 tracks.

Who’s on it: Bézier, Bill Converse, Doc Sleep, Mystic Bill, Borusiade, Group Rhoda, Sepehr, Patrick Cowley, Maxx Mann, Magnus II

Where’s the money going: All proceeds will be split between the artists and Black Trans Lives Matter Youth Fund



Don’t Turn Your Back On Love

BANK Records NYC pop their compilation cherry with a keeper. Discordant electronics, ominous, decaying soundscapes and volatile techno at its noisiest, all loaded with a fuck-off irreverence that is quintessential BANK.

Who’s on it: Bookworms, E-Saggila, Via App, Nick Klein, Entro Senestre

Where’s the money going: All proceeds will be donated to The McHale Rose Family Support Fund



Physically Sick 3

Allergy Season and Discwoman link up for the third instalment of their collaborative Physical Sick series. Some pretty big names on here – we’ll let the music do the talking.

Who’s on it: SHYBOI, CCL, Low Jack, DJ Bone, Physical Therapy, BEARCAT, Special Request, Surgeon, DJ Python

Where’s the money going: All proceeds will be donated to Equality For Flatbush



New York Dance Music III

Towhead Recordings with another sizeable assemblage of tri-state heat. Complete with club structures, house, footwork and techno, it’s fitting that proceeds give back to the African American communities responsbile for originating those sounds.

Who’s on it: Bergsonist, MoMA Ready, Kush Jones, AceMo, J. Albert

Where’s the money going: All proceeds will be donated to Black Visions Collective and National Bail Out



Flowers that Bloom at Midnight

A verdant garden of conscious-expanding electronics and leftfield dancefloor manoeuvres. If this is a window into what we can expect from Traumgarten‘s newly-formed label, they have our undivided attention.

Who’s on it: Dazion, Pasiphae, Bergsonist, Nick Klein, Gamma Intel, Violet, Anatolian Weapons

Where’s the money going: All proceeds will be split between the Boat Refugee Foundation and Black Queer & Trans Resistance Netherlands




In the face of industry whitewashing, HAUS of ALTR reclaim techno’s black heritage to celebrate the “future of Black electronic music, and as the music as it exist in its current state.” Too Black, Too Strong.

Who’s on it: AceMo, DJ SWISHA, FAUZIA, Galcher Lustwerk, Russell E. L. Butler

Where’s the money going: Half of proceeds will be donated to For The Gworls, Afrotectopia and Afrorack, with the second half going directly to the artist involved

If you’d like to discover more, this is a crowd-sourced list of black artists, while Bandcamp themselves have compiled a comprehensive list of artists and labels offering donations today here.

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