Ever seen those event flyers with the yellow and black hazard tape aesthetic and stupidly strong lineups boasting names like Tolouse Low Trax, Jan Schulte and OKO DJ? We certainly have. Warning‘s been on our radar for more than a minute, to the point where we’ve considered booking flights out to check out one of their marathon (the last one went for 36 hours) parties at squat-turned-legitimate venue, About Blank.

Fronted by Basti, Hendrik (AA) and Tim (DJ Normal 4), the party with the “rave safe” tagline and close ties to forward-thinking institutions like Salon Des Amateurs and Brothers From Different Mothers never fails to turn heads with its bookings. This Saturday, however, drooling over lineups we could only experience with a last-minute Ryanair booking will become a thing of the past. That’s because Warning’s coming to London. Pitching up at newly-opened 24-hour venue Fold, residents Normal 4 and Erik Jäähalli will be joined by Detroit In Effect, Ece Özel, J-Zbel, The Pilotwings and many more for an extended session, and we literally can’t wait. To tide us over until then, we asked two of the three brains behind it to compile their quintessential Warning playlist.

DJ Normal 4:

1. S.D.L. – Ascend From The Mind 

I have this in my collection quite a while and rediscovered it after cleaning up my shelves a couple of months ago, well this is a psyched out rave trip per excellence and I played it at all Warning parties I participated in.

2. Lazer Worshippers – Lazer Worshippers Theme

My friend Rickard from Stockholm showed me this ambientesque mellow Breakbeat piece when I visited the city first in 2016 and I directly bought me a copy online for around 10 € If I remember right.

3. J-Zbel – ZHF (Poppers Mix)

This track is unforgettable and was a revelation of euphoria for me when I heard it first. I tried to get them live to Salon des Amateurs when I booked the BFDM guys in early 2016, it didn’t work out then but finally it was the case for the first Warning party in Berlin and we are incredibly happy to have them again in London.

4. RVDS – Arabian Moon

I love this release so much and I am happy to have the version with cassette included. It’s a super nice track to build something up and creates a certain mood. Richard played at most of our parties as well.

5. Privacy – Apex Predator

Privacy the Berlin based Electro Shark is delivering super stuff non stop but the “Human Resource Exploitation Manual” EP did not left my case since I got a promo back in 2015 at the Record Loft Berlin. Luckily I was able to get a spare copy when I played a Lobster Instore a couple of months ago – this will last forever and for me it’s already a modern Electro classic.


6. Bluemoon Productions – A

Not being afraid of changing tempo and travelling in outer areas of the pitch is something that defined many sets at our events. This track, which i first heard when RVDS played it a few years back stands for that.

7. Nasty King Kurl & Benedikt Frey – Disgunnbegood (Diebstahl Edit)

Giving new life to Debbie Deb but this time in a dusty basement filled with rough, weird but still warm people. Hidden under a thick layer of stuttering distortion fun is waiting.

8. Etnik Sentetik – Dasystem

Showtime! A perfect opening track. Recently re-issued on Ece Özel’s Müstesna Records. Synth-Pop at its raviest.

9. DJ Normal 4 – La Arabia

Merging classic oriental music with electronic dance appeal is often leading to a more embarrassing result. It takes a good execution and an honest heart to not just mix but melt things together. DJ Normal 4 is one of the few who never fails at that.

10. Erik Jäähalli – Saying Goodbye

A perfect closing tune for me. It’s also the last track of Erik’s debut LP which we released together this year.

Detroit In Effect, DJ Normal 4, The Pilotwings and more play Warning at Fold on Saturday October 6th – buy tickets here.

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