Lyon label Brothers From Different Mothers introduce another heavy addition to their already very strong line of releases, rolling out a solid 10” courtesy of Forum and The Scene man Tim Schumacher, AKA DJ Normal 4. If you weren’t familiar with the label’s outlandish release titles, the latest is a tad more conventional than previous outings. Incorporating slamming kicks and subtle instrumentation, Mental Command Terror focuses on a now vintage era of dance music; the era of the breakbeat.

First up is ‘Transcendental Training Tactics’, a fitting title indeed considering the track’s mixture of old and new sounds alike, which are of such a variety that the cut itself ultimately transcends its year of release entirely. It’s hard-hitting, audibly visceral and totally captivating from the get-go: an outstanding A-side on all fronts.

The proceeding cut sees DJ Normal 4 utilise his Aico Records cohort, bringing on-board fellow producer Rasputin, the collaboration helping to make for a most interesting feature on ‘Disillusion Pyramid’.  The focus on intricate breaks is very much still in effect throughout, although the ephemeral synth accompaniment lends the B-side a quite frankly gorgeous sense of texture, a landmark of all great dance music everywhere. This is one of the strongest offerings we’ve heard from the BFDM camp yet, without a doubt.

Mental Command Terror is out now on Brothers From Different Mothers – grab the vinyl from Juno or Chez Emile.

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