DJ Wave’s Above The Clouds is the latest release to come out on London label Lobster Theremin, and it’s one of the most intriguing and all-out joyous dance 12″s we’ve heard in quite some time. The EP itself proves to be a real menagerie of sounds that range from the wildly exotic to the most luxurious of calming tones, and influences ranging from Japanese house to slinky, easy-going funk music can be heard in its composition.

‘Do It’ kicks off with visceral, snapping drums which ultimately make way for the squelching lead melody that proves to be the song’s central focus. It successfully captures a wonderfully buoyant mood, and its one which is fully aided by its vocal samples and beautiful tinkles and tweaks throughout, which ultimately enhance its feeling of energetic elation. Title-track and true standout ‘Above The Clouds’ follows, and it proves to be a low-slung, blissed-out funk number which incorporates as many factors of ‘chill out’ music as one could imagine: sounds of the tide, poignant piano, and smooth jazzy brass are just a few of the audible treats which are utilised to give this cut an absolutely tremendous sense of ethereal relaxation.

The third and final piece, ‘Mad About You’, brings conventional rhythm back into the picture, albeit with DJ Wave’s thoroughly unconventional twist. With its distinct house style it gives the EP one last burst of fervent movement before it closes out for good, and it also enables DJ Wave to show off his musical chops when it comes to all-out club music, although there are plenty of idiosyncratic, wailing synth interjections to keep fans of the previously heard material interested. To sum it up, it’s a sterling effort from a relatively unknown artist on a great label, and to say it has merely whetted our appetite would be a colossal understatement.

DJWAVE001 is out now with copies flying off the shelves – Buy the vinyl from Bleep or digital direct from the label.

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