Taking another step towards wrapping up an impressive 2016, the ever-intriguing Florian Meyer, AKA Don’t DJ, has returned with an extremely evocative LP on Berceuse Heroique. His third release for the London label, Musique Acephale expands on the intricate tribal rhythms and exhilarating sonic explorations listeners have come to expect from the the experimental producer’s output over the past couple of years. 

It has to be said that many of the album’s idiosyncrasies are significantly fleshed out when played at volume, but that’s not to say the album as a whole can’t be enjoyed as a solo-listening experience. ‘Pornoire’, for example, is one of the album’s standout cuts. After an initial build-up of distortion and fuzz that eventually yields in favour of the track’s mesmerising apex, it’s quite clear that Don’t DJ is occupying a dualistic mind-set that intends to focus on both the mental and the physical simultaneously – he has  at least half an eye on the dancefloor functionality to be sure. Similarly, ‘Evolve’ is unique and seductive, its primal pulse very subtly adorned with further percussive elements throughout the course of its slowly unfurling, nine-minute duration.

Other high points include ‘Syrian Rue’, which delivers the kind of shamanistic, deep techno sound that is so often associated with Don’t DJ material. ‘Highbreeds’ also produces a similar response, with its bongos-meets-low-end-bass choice of instrumentation, juxtaposing two eras of rhythmic tools to great postmodern effect. Closer ‘The Grey Shrine’ strips pretty much everything back to a summoning drone that ultimately ends with a shrill, cacophonous sound that seemingly opens a portal to another dimension – a fitting conclusion indeed.

Don’t DJ’s creative decision to perceive the modern world through a hybrid lens of different musical traditions and culturally diverse influences helps to create something which is genuinely original – if you’re a fan of captivating, forward-thinking music then we implore you to check this record out.

Musique Acephale is out now on Berceuse Heroique – buy the vinyl here.

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