Hardly capitalising on the recent upsurge in reissues, Emotional Rescue – the sister label to Stuart “Chuggy” Leath’s Emotional Response – are now celebrating 5 years spent dusting of gems and compiling retrospectives. Post-punk, house, folk or new wave, leftfield and experimental sounds of the highest order have featured in the years prior, but the next run of releases look to be some of the finest to date.

Due later this month, Chuggy and Co. kick things off with deep trance circa ’91 from Eighth Ray; a classic Canadian house/electro 12″ from Mr & Mrs Dale, released as part of Emotional Rescue’s Dancefloor Records retrospective series; Latin freestyle from another Dancefloor Records artist, Shavonne, and an album of Argentinian new wave, courtesy of Carlos Cutaia.

The records keep coming thick and fast as the year progresses, with a retrospective on Spanish label Auxilio De Ciento on the not too distant horizon. One of the most sought-after releases, a collection of John “Jah Wobble” Wardle’s self-released material on Lago Records, has been touted to arrive in March and a masterpiece of a collaboration between Jorge Reyes and Antonio Zeped is set for reissue early April. Rounding things off will be an album remixing worldbeat pioneers Suns of Arqa and a 2-tracker focused on the talents of the recently deceased krautrock drummer, Jaki Liebezeit.

It should be noted, however, that some of these have already been subject to delays, so release dates could very well change.

Keep up to date with release dates via the Emotional Resuce Facebook page.

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