Fantastic Man returns to the vein which his last Superconscious release sought, affecting a trance gate with effortless fluency and confidence. Out mid-December, it marks the return to Mic Newman’s regular moniker following a debut LP for his Mind Lotion project that materialised on Antinote earlier this year.

The two tracks are marbled with his signature hyper-percussive flair and intricate programming; long-stretched, yawning gongs and syncopated rave whistles; layers of hopeful neo-gospel organ, new-age chimes, synth motifs – all intersecting and interacting; rooted by a burbling hypnodelic bassline, stuttering kicks and seasoned with chopped sassy/sci-fi vocals.

With P.M.T.C. he manages to demonstrate his sense of humour without sacrificing the integrity of the music, using tropes from a specific genre corner without approaching tired pastiche – It’s euphoric, meditative, energetic; delicately balancing futurism and rave nostalgia.

P.M.T.C. is out December 15th on Superconscious Records – pre-order the vinyl here.

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