After 5 years of ‘Fortnightly Freebies’ columns collating our favourite free downloads, we decided to do things a bit differently for the 100th chapter. Introducing Big Material, a 19-track ‘name your price’ compilation that will donate 100% of profits made to London-based charity Stonewall Housing.

At a time when unfair austerity is increasing inequality and leaving so many behind, we hope to support a the most vulnerable from a marginalised community that has given so much to the ‘scene’ and music we love. Digi-dub abstractions and drifting ambient to kaleidoscopic breaks and newly-coined genre, ‘subtle donk’, it’s a pretty accurate microcosm of the If-Only curation as a whole.

Soft and calm, we, like light
fray into gentle chaos.
Big material unfurls
Then turns to collect, reform –
Like breaths, draw in
To new poise and structure;
Solid and slow.
Never still. Glacial.

Think back, before
A piece of things,
Moving alone, once a part –
But when is the fragment
not the whole?
When is the whole not the whole?
The salt which made the chalk
Which made the cliff
Which made the slate –

Hard to see,
Once a part and still, we are,
A piece of something else.

Big Material pulls together music from some of If-Only’s favourite artists, with tracks from A Psychic Yes (Tech Startup/Kalahari Oyster Cult), River Yarra (Antinote), Material Things (12th Isle), Priori (NAFF), Wilson & Whisper (Yes Belgrade), Benoit B (Banlieue Records), Max Abysmal (Red Light Radio/Safe Trip), Daniel 58 (Parallel Minds), Bogdan Dražić (The Trilogy Tapes/Giallo Disco), Yohei S (Parallel Minds), JD Twitch (Optimo), Warzou (Big Science Records), Randstad (BAKK/Rubber), Eye Measure (Cherche Encore), Rings Around Saturn (Butter Sessions/Analogue Attic), Furious Frank (Mind Dance), Moonphase (AKA Ciel), Moonbow (SIREN) and Aki Aki (Candomblé).

That includes ‘Detonator (Furious Frank’s Placid Acid Edit)’, taken from Systems E.P. 1 on Kalahari Oyster Cult, while Ciel assumed her new Moonphase Alias to edit ‘Virus Crack Team – Lovechild (Rise)’ from 1993 CD compilation, Galaxies: An Excursion Through Technospace.

All profits go to Stonewall Housing, a London-based charity working to ensure lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people live in safer homes, free from fear, where they can celebrate their identity and support each other to achieve their full potential.

Big Material is out now as ‘name your price’ download | Get it here

Artwork by Parks Perdue.
Mastering by Ali Berger.
Poem by BSMN WNS.

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