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Jayda G – Listen Closely

First Lady of the Freakout Cult, Jayda G is all set to make her 1080p debut at the end of the month, channelling the bucolic beauty of the forests she spent time exploring as a young scientist in Ontario. With its syrupy house groove, ‘Listen Closely’ is a vocal-driven cut, pulled from Jayda’s Sixth Spirit Of The Bay EP to whet appetites ahead of the full release.


Enzo Avitabile – Devozioni Dialettali (Bawrut Remix) [via the Ransom Note]

Fresh from inaugurating the Ransom Note label with a 303-riddled 12″, Bawrut is back on his own Silencio imprint, transforming Neapolitan musician Enzo Avitabile’s Afro-folk composition into a sub-tropical acid workout – download it here.


система | system – VA – 02

Odessian imprint система | system have been putting in quite the shift to champion local talent, with a second VA compilation showing just how vibrant the Ukrainian scene has become. Expect everything from mutant strains of dub techno to dreamy breakbeat excursions and twisted, carnival-themed house.


MaxxxBass – Oxford Street

MaxxxBass AKA Max Stenerudh experimented with Far-Eastern motifs when he and Samo DJ released their first conceptual soundtrack as KWC 92. Here he is revisiting some of those themes, shrouding solemn guzheng melodies in otherworldly ambience.


No_4mat – Laura’s Anthem

So many people have tried, but far too many should never have bothered. Delicate, beautiful, ominous and haunting in equal measure, Angelo Badalementi’s stunning Twin Peaks score is nothing short of iconic, inspiring countless remixes in a hundred different styles along the way. These have come with varying results (they’re typically rubbish) but New York’s No_4mat has done Badalamenti proud, channelling haunting Rhodes melodies from the unmistakable ‘Laura’s Theme’ into a slamming, lo-fi house cut.

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