Weirdo chug, slinky acid, hammer-and-tongs techno and much more…

Valesuchi & Matias Aguayo – Nasty Woman

In light of “recent political developments” (we don’t need to tell you what those are), Cómeme have made Valesuchi and Matias Aguayo’s ‘Nasty Woman’ available again as a free download, but this time sporting a speech from the recent Women’s March in Washington DC. One for all the privileged people out there who don’t know it.

Cardopusher – War dance [via XLR8R]

Weirdo chug, taken straight from Cardopusher‘s Zone Records debut. Deploying a mangled acid line, the Venezuelan-born producer pushes the limits of convention once again.

Follow the link above to download.

Nikolay Sunak – Sedition 303

Inaugurating the Craigie Knowes free download series, Moscow-based producer Nikolay Sunak turns out a slinky acid groover, setting the bar pretty high in the process.

Mono-Enzyme 307 – Acid Inferno

WARNING: Before listening to the final free download in Mono-Enzyme 307‘s Acid Inferno series, we recommend you read this cautionary note…

“Repetitive listening of TRACKS by MONO-enzYme 307 causes severe emotional distress, paranoïa and aversion to FM synthesis. Some people may also experience hallucinations of controlling a space fighter to defend humanity against a mysterious powerful alien life-form known as the ‘Bydo’.”

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Vercetti Technicolor – Capital (Anti-edit)

There’s no quarter given as Giallo Disco co-owner Vercetti Technicolor offers up some hammer-and-tongs techno as a free download.

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