Deeply unsettling techno, afro-centric rhythms, hi-vis landscapes and plenty more…

Chevel – Eugene

A deeply hypnotic moment from Enklav founder Chevel, offering up this unsettling “leftover track” as a free download.


Denham Audio – GOTM

Hardcore enthusiast Denham Audio going full-throttle, speeding through a hi-vis landscape with a freebie made available by Parisian platform SeekSickSound. If you’re into this, be sure to check out his Club Glow Vol 1 collaboration with Borai.


VA04: Diverse Künstler Vier

Offering slo-mo acid techno, desolate ambient environments, braindance IDM and plenty more, Budapest label Farbwechsel‘s compilation features music from the likes of S. Olbricht, AIWAImre Kiss and Norwell.


Spoiled Drama – Why You?

“Soundtracking dramatic scenes of a modern society,” Nous and Fleisch artist Spoiled Drama gave away an EBM cut brimming with nervous energy to accompany his interview with The Brvtalist.


Calypso Take Away 14 by Veltran

Afro-centric rhythms from Mexico-based producer Veltrán, available as a free download via Calypso Records.

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