Based in Madrid, Fundamental Records have been propping up the Southern European electro scene for quite a while. Churning out releases at an impressive pace, one of the label’s notable endeavours are their 808 Box/Time Capsule bundles. Seeking out some of the finest modern electro has had to offer, head honcho Alek Stark‘s carefully curated compilations include never-before-released tracks and others only previously available in digital format.

Consisting of nine records (not to mention the additional goodies) and costing less than a sit-down dinner for two, electro collectors hoping to get a little more bang for their buck can rarely resist the temptations of the 808 Box. Practically a who’s who of the genre, Stark’s third effort may be the finest collection to date, with over fifty tracks from the likes of Helena Hauff, Jeremiah R., The Exaltics, DMX Krew, Luke Eargoggle and Dave Monolith.

Collecting vinyl can leave a serious dent in the old wallet and it’s always nice to come across a great deal, so we’re counting down the days until this one drops.

The 3rd Time Capsule is out on 15th December. Email the label directly to pre-order.


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