If the shimmering exotica of Swimmers In Circle set a precedent, Nicolas Molina’s nascent Worldwide Zen project has come of age with the followup. Nearly a year since Molina released anything as Geena, an alias synonymous with Paris’ Antinote label, his smooth evolution between pseudonyms meant we haven’t gone wanting. So seamless has the transition been, in fact, the rather abrupt left-turn from Chicago-leaning rhythms to comparatively meditative fare feels like natural progression.

Molina’s RUFF’EC show on LYL Radio joins dots between the two projects, and the latest Worldwide Zen release broadened his remit even further. Having dove headfirst into otherworldly, dubbed-out aesthetics on Earlier Heaven, here are several of his digi-dub favourites to mark the occasion.

1. Iration Steppas feat. Tena Stelin – War Dub

I’m not sure it’s proper digi-dub but I’m very into that 303 bassline going in around 5:17. I’m fond of the early era of iration steppas – ‘Scud Missile’ is one of my current favourite tracks.

2. Disciples – Heartland Dub

Pan flute dub, no additional words are needed.

3. Armagideon – Hi Fibre

New age-y dub rhythms, synth shredding action.

4. The Hydroponics – Rising dub

Mental stuff, classic phased synth line and psych drum processing.

5. Alpha & Omega – Solomon and Sheba

Catchy tune, classic reference to ancient Israel mythology – bassline is massive.

6. Koffee – Blazin

The most beautiful voice I’ve heard these last few months. D&B bootlegs of her tracks are gorgeous.

Earlier Heaven is out now on Worldwide Zen – buy it here

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