While re-edits fuelled Mark E‘s gradual ascent in the dance music game, the Wolverhampton-born talent began to make a name for himself both as a DJ and a writer of original music around 2008. Not to be confused with the late frontman of The Fall, Mark E. Smith, it quickly became apparent there was more to him than met the eye.

Elongating and manipulating certain sequences and samples into the looping club bangers that became his calling card, a hypnotic, psychedelic approach to disco and house is the unifying quality across everything the Brummie touches. Functional but psychedelic and deeply affecting, a Mark E production never looses grip of the dancefloor once it starts to play. A constant presence ever since he played the festival in 2015, the Field Maneuvers resident opens up his record bag for a taste of what’s to come.

Field Maneuvers takes place in a secret location from 31st August–2nd September – find out more and book tickets here.

The first track that springs to mind when you think ‘dirty little rave’?

I remember hearing this being played at a dirty little free rave in a wood near stoke along time ago. Popped straight in.


The record that defines your formative raving years?

Big John Kelly track from my early clubbing days. But there were so many standouts.


The record that never leaves your bag?

I absolutely love this track it’s so “House” it’s a bit embarrassing as I play it nearly every time, I just can’t help it. A MK VII beauty.


The last record you bought?

Scott Grooves is THE man in my eyes, his productions are always so on it. The natural MIDI series draws to a close.


The record you’ve been playing that begs for a rewind?

It’s such a lifter this track, the crowd always like this, a future classic.


Go-to record to save a dancefloor?

Just the groove, what a banger. Always saves.


Best/most annoying request you’ve received from a punter?

To type the track I’m playing into their phone. Lazy and very rude.


You’re booked to close a large festival stage to a crowd of 5000. What do you finish on?

S.L.Y., ‘I Need a Freak’. I think one of my top 5 favourite records, disco/house that never fails.


Same question, but to a crowd of 250.

Same answer, just a good old fashioned uplifting slice of vocal brilliance to end the night on a high.

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