Horror disco specialists Giallo Disco have outlined their plans for June, lining up three releases that venture further into those imagined worlds the label inhabits than ever before. Taking their cue from horror and sci-fi scores of the 70s and 80s, founders Anton Maiof aka Antoni Maiovvi and Gianni Vercetti aka Vercetti Technicolour have been rolling out synth-heavy sleaze fests since 2012, but the Austrian/German outfit has had a relatively quiet year. Until now, that is. The next two months will see the Giallo Disco output for 2016 more than double, bringing fresh blood into the fold and welcoming back some familiar faces with three of their finest releases to date.

First up is a piano-led arrangement from Maiovvi himself, adorned with lurching, distorted basslines and a lovesick vocal that haunts the subconscious like a ghostly apparition. Hot on the heels of Maiovvi’s My MoonBogdan Dražić and Daniel Kyo bring the terror with a split 12″ entitled Black Gloves II. “Both literally and figuratively killer,” it’s the followup to a 2012 release from the label owners, combining celestial electronics with haunting, rainforest hallucinations and sheathing them in brooding EBM and “freak house” casings.

Repeated Viewing’s score for the dreamt-up motion picture Street Force brings this Giallo Disco triumvirate to a close. First appearing on cassette via London label Spun Out Of Control, it’s Death Wish-meets-Escape From New York as the Scottish composer/producer provides the soundtrack to a “story of one man’s revenge across 1982 New York.”

All three releases will be available in digital format on June 27th, with the vinyl due a couple of weeks after.

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