Dancer, radio host, trap enthusiast, techno futurist, DAW enchanter; GiGi FM is many things, but the persona this Netil Radio resident and GEM (Gestural Electronic Music Collective) founder has cultivated is simultaneously seductive and intriguing. French-born but now regularly found between London and Berlin, it’s little wonder that hers is a name on quite a few lips. Weaving trap and drill together with electrified shades of techno, electro, trance and acid, GiGi’s supercharged mixing has caught the attention of esteemed crews like SIREN and Childsplay, not to mention paving the way for a head-turning Boiler Room appearance at the start of the year. I mean, how many DJs do you find blending an Innershades remix into Cardi B?

Clocking in at nearly two and a half hours, this mix was recorded in a friend’s studio while reflecting on a couple of days in self-imposed isolation and a trip to an idyllic lake somewhere in the European countryside. A cathartic experience some might say, it channels all the emotions felt over that period, offering what GiGi herself described as a “sonic swim” inside her brain.

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