Berlin label Sound Metaphors is busy readying its fifth outing, a reissue of Global Electronic Network‘s rare 1994 release, Time Square. First appearing on defunct experimental label, Mille Plateaux, the three-tracker is a great example of mid-’90s ambient techno: a trance-inducing voyage through constantly shifting landscapes, the entire thing is enthralling from beginning to end.

Using “second-hand drum machines and broken keyboards,” the German duo of Can Oral and Ingmar Koch did their best work under the G.E.N. moniker. Discogs is testament to this and with second hand prices more than a little inflated, the announcing of this re-release will be a welcome sight for sore eyes. Reissues being Sound Metaphor’s bread and butter, it follows the excavation of Carmen’s sought-after boogie jam, Throw Down, and we’re looking forward to see what they dredge up next.

Time Square is out June 1st on Sound Metaphors – pre-order the vinyl here.

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