Placing an emphasis on a broad and eclectic curation, NTS make a habit of ignoring trends and convention in favour of showcasing what they want to hear. As conduits for the weird and wonderful, it’s to be expected that they will shine a light on creatives who share that boundary-less attitude – the latest of which is a gospel-drone artist going by the name of Klein. To coincide with her debut album, the London-based broadcasters invited her to deliver a live performance, the result of which you can stream below.

Augmenting her off-kilter sonics with subtle nuances of R&B, gospel and spoken word, the Los Angeles-based artist tackles her music from an idiosyncratic angle, serving up a heady concoction that dazzles and disorientates. From that ubiquitous Drake sample to a rather unnerving rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’, everyday influences are put through the blender, with an end result that’s uncanny to say the least.

ONLY is out now and available via Klein’s Bandcamp page.

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