Martin Sander donned the Hypnobirds alias in 2014 to work alongside Varg in the creation of a menacing record so comfortably placed with the rest of the Clan Destine Records back catalogue. More recently, the ethereal, soundscape recordings Martin Sander and Michel Isorinne performed in 2015/2016 at Bandhagen Airport can be checked out from the earlier 2017 release, Bandhagens Musikförening – Protokoll A

His latest outing – a mixtape for under the Hypnobirds moniker, entitled 77: A Brief Landing on the Earth’s Surface – is set to surface on Origin Peoples later this month accompanied by a vinyl sampler. What’s interesting about the sampler is the fact that the label and Sander agreed that four separate sections within the mixtape worked as standalone tracks, lifting them to create a separate vinyl release. The 12″ is a perfect demonstration of the Swede’s growth and prowess as a musician and producer. The sounds from ‘Excerpt 2’ in particular feel reminiscent of something one would find from a lost archive soundtrack for a sci-fi movie or TV series from the decades gone by, building up for a perfect stage of suspense, tension and bewitchment.

77: A Brief Landing on the Earth’s Surface is out soon on Origin Peoples.

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