It was Bossman‘s turn again, bringing some of our favourite bits from December to the Noods Radio airwaves. Listen back to hear new music from Chinabot, Music From Memory, Bedouin Records, A Colourful Storm, ELLLL, PLAQUE, Marlene Stark, Brainwaves, Gost Zvuk, HANAH, Going Good, SONS, Die Orakel, John Object and more.


Auspicious Family & Laure Boer – Brouillard
MLO – Birds & Flutes
Hiiro Issiki – For Language to Come 
Gwydir – High Hearts
Erosion Flow – Enhance (ELLLL Remix)
J.Tripp – Tabor 
Marlene Stark – Was Ist Feucht
Thomas Bodenständig – Langsam Leverkusen (Warzou’s Nostalgic Frooz Version)
Malasod – With Us
DJ Kassir (feat. Perila) – Naiv
Mazdaratti – Sleeps With The Foxe
E-Talking – Experimental Psychosis
Giorgio Celeste & The Cobra –  Venom
Sinus – Blob (Nalin & Kane Remix)
Transglobal Underground – Lokee Here (Dreadzone At The Controls Remix)
Redeye – Ride with Aracknid 
John Object – 500mg
Lauratrance & CurtisCoCo – Ma Cherie

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