You’re just as likely to find classically trained pianist Alex Albrecht performing live under some sun-dappled trees as you are in a sweaty warehouse. One half of the duo behind Melbourne-based imprint, Analogue Attic Recordings, his musical endeavours are imbued with an ambience that is very much a product of environment. Techno, deep house and experimental meditations from their inner sanctum draw inspiration from fond memories and the pleasant backdrop of Melbourne’s outskirts, and while some electronic music artists assume a certain alias or title their music in a way that might disguise white, middle class backgrounds, these guys embrace their suburban roots wholeheartedly. This is evident from the sleeve art on AAR releases – regularly framing the juxtaposition between urban and bucolic environments – to the conceptual narratives weaved into the music itself, all of which is of Australian origin.

With all previous material arriving on AAR, releases on Butter Sessions and Night Tide signal a step into uncharted territory for Alex Albrecht and Sean La’Brooy. What the future holds is unclear, but featuring some unreleased Analogue Attic material, this ambient blend gives some indication.


Isao Tomita – The Girl with the Flaxen Hair (Claude Debussy)

Steve Hillage- Garden Of Paradise

The KLF – Madrugada Eternal

Harold Budd – Faraon / Terre Thaemlitz – Terrelovesrobin

Terre Thaemlitz – Terrelovesrobin / Architectural – Sentir

Jack Burton – Untitled

Andrew Chalk – Last Reflections

Microstoria – Per Formal / The Green Kingdom – Vaporscape

Albrecht La’Brooy – Sydney Radio

Softest – Wish IV

Rings Around Saturn – Portion 22 (Albrecht La’brooy Bathtime Arrangement)

Mono Fontana – Persistente canción de la memoria

John Beltran – Collage Revisited

Roman Flügel – All that matters

Lawrence – Panopticon

Ezekiel Honig – Click & Sleep

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