Straight from the frosty, barren landscape of Bespin, Antarctica, we bring you the second contribution to our podcast series, courtesy of the enigma that is O. Xander. From a Soundcloud profile littered with unreleased demos and re-edits to the scarcity of information provided as to his true identity, the inimitable producer cuts a pretty interesting figure.

When he isn’t putting Memphis rap tracks through the wringer as DJ Rei Ayanami, he can be found ploughing a more introspective and monochrome path, typified by last year’s full debut via Nous Disques. The EP title Less Is More is indicative of what this guy is all about; a reluctance to give much away is matched by the stripped-back, minimalist approach to his productions as O. Xander. That said, despite their somewhat bleak nature, those electro-referencing tracks aren’t found wanting for personality – a quality that pervades his work as both a DJ and producer.

At times effervescent and bucolic, others rough, ready and primed for maximum dancefloor impact, O. Xander’s all-vinyl blend (bar the opening track that came off a cassette) embarks on a full-bodied exploration of his various moods;

Photo credit: Emma Bijiaoui

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