His Brown Rice show on Berlin Community Radio held in high regard, JM Moser has carved out a space as one of Berlin’s more adventurous DJs. Handed the opportunity to curate the show, one of BCR’s first, the German’s eclecticism met a growing appetite for exploratory radio programming in the capital.

Whether it’s reggae, techno, Japanese pop or experimental electronics he’s reaching for, JM Moser blends can vary drastically as far as direction taken – in short, this is a guy who won’t be caught sitting still. It’s that ‘zero fucks given’ attitude to expectation and genre convention which put him in good favour with likeminded souls on revered stations like NTS and Red Light Radio, a reputation that has also seen him booked for parties far and wide. Sandwiching an exhilarating string of jungle selections between drifting ambient and a blissed-out finale that finishes on the stunning Leif cut, ‘Bluebird’, his future-minded submission is one of our favourites to date.

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