From beyond the Mirror Zone, Woody’92 and Spekki Webu forged their respective paths through the Dutch underground with a joint appreciation for the lysergic, tribal and meditative. Both hailing from Delft, the musical partners in crime have gained cult-like status catering to the serotonin and dopamine-addled areas of the brain with their solo endeavours – take, for example, Spekki’s fledgling Mirror Zone imprint, a label going from strength-to-strength as an outlet for mind-expanding electronics both new and old.

As of March this year they’ve been plotting a hazy, druggy course through para-conscious lands on a monthly basis, unfurling verdant cyber-tropics from a single cell with their Red Light Radio show. Complete with supporting imagery from a guest artist, tuning into Theme Of Nevermore will elevate you to higher planes of consciousness. Transportive and transcendental, those qualities are reflected as the duo sidestep that current trend of pitching trance records down, channelling ancient tribal ritual and Goa sensibility with a mix following a similar path to their recent back-to-backs; recorded in one take and geared towards the after-hours, it’s a psychedelic deep dive into the sounds they find most inspiring.

Photo courtesy of Alwin Sinnema.

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