The result of refined taste and hard graft, Stephan Unkovic, AKA Stevie Whisper, has established himself as a key proponent of the Serbian scene. He’s both member of the Mystic Stylez collective and the mind behind party-turned-label, YES; a Belgrade-based promoter, DJ and producer forging his own path with a penchant for the volatile, strange and chugging. Wearing so many hats might cause some to veer off course, but not this guy.

OKO DJ, Eva Geist and Identified Patient are among those esteemed names to grace the Drugstore decks since YES’ inception in 2013. The newly-established label, however, seems exclusively geared towards showcasing his local scene. Complete with a cameo from fellow Belgrade native Andria, the sophomore release marked Unkovic’s full debut – all industrial timbres, mind-melting electronics and ominous drones, there’s even a hellish rendition of the ‘ABC’s thrown in for good measure.

As a DJ, Unkovic oscillates between oddball curiosities and more unfettered, menacing fare. Playing music from Batu, Grebenstein & Seefried and Collocutor, his mix applies notes of jazz and futurist sensibility to the formula: expect splintered rhythms, sonic dissonance and forward-facing structures across its hour-long duration.

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