Leticia Trandafir, AKA softcoresoft, never stops fighting the good fight. Whether booking homegrown DJs over touring international talent, or focusing on community-building projects like Never Apart, the Montréal-based artist works tirelessly to level the playing field and support her local scene. Add a vinyl debut that graced Lobster Theremin Black with celestial shades of techno to the mix and she’s generating a head of steam for all the right reasons.

Once the Discwoman collaborator dipped a toe into the queer scene reverberating around the Frankie Teardrop-helmed LIP and Slut Island projects, she never looked back. It proved a catalyst, and her championing of female representation is indicative of the emerging generation of Montréal music heads seeking to create a space for women, trans, non-binary individuals and allies in an all-too-often male dominated industry. Her numerous projects have since continued to fly the flag for the marginalised, striving to create a more representative and inclusive environment for all.

From that Lobster Theremin release to the co-run Humidex label, Trandafir is best known for occupying the higher reaches of BPM. Acid, techno electro and trance are her bread and butter, but starting with a blend of Communist era Romani folk into golden era UK jungle, this mix treads quite a different path.

“This podcast is a blend of dub, ambient, breaks and Romanian records which I brought back from my grand-parents’ house a few years ago after visiting the country.

People tend to associate softcoresoft to ravey dancefloor bangers and high BPMs (which of course I love). This time, I wanted to take another direction, represent a side of my interests which I don’t often express, but is nevertheless central to my musical landscape. Stuff I listen to at home. This is what winter hibernation and nostalgic dreams of a distant sea-side sounds like to me.

There’s heavy crackle in some parts: some records are old, and a handful are pressed by Electrocord, the only record label in Communist Romania—word on the street was that the quality of those discs wasn’t too good. Let’s just call it patina!

Special thanks to La Rama.

Enjoy :)” – softcoresoft


  1. Romica Puceanu – Tinerețe, Tinerețe [Electrocord] 1982
  2. Ed Rush – Bludclot Artattack (Lick 2) [No U-Turn] 1994
  3. Ocean Youth Club – B Nor A [HVNX] 2019
  4. Ion Creanga – Prostia Omenească [Electrocord] 1980s
  5. Eye Non – Puff [Mad Habitat] 2019
  6. Bola del Desierto – Tuétano [Animah Records] 2018
  7. Palta – Sagens Natur [Extra Help] 2019
  8. Healing Force Project – Shadow Manipulation of Mind [Ambiwa Records] 2016
  9. Gauss – Least Squares [Gauss Ltd] 2017
  10. Thaumazein – B2 [Extra Help] 2018
  11. Rhythm & Sound w/ Paul St. Hilaire – Spend Some Time [Burial Mix] 2003
  12. Maria Teresa Luciani – The Port [Finders Keepers] 2017
  13. Jean-Marc Foussat, Jamal Moss, Jean-François Pauvros – Dimanche Lourd Couvercle… [Fou Records] 2017
  14. John Selway – Untitled Remixed By Subliminal Others [CSM] 1999
  15. Eye Nono – Shining Light [Mad Habitat] 2019
  16. Max Segal – Safe In Sound [La Rama Dubs] 2019
  17. Stephen Halpern – Trans Pan Dance [Halpern Sounds] 1975
  18. Andrei Proșteanu – De Ce Nu Crezi ? [Electrocord] 1969

Photo: Landon Speers

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