If names like Tolouse Low Trax and Jan Schulte represent the first and second generations of Salon des Amateurs residents, DJ Ungel is very much part of the third. If his DJ bio is anything to go by, the German artist is also the grandson of a shamanic preacher from Indonesia. Consider how he embodies the Düsseldorf venue’s exploratory and adventurous music policy and the latter doesn’t seem so out of the blue: a partiality for the lysergic and tribal, qualities synonymous with shamanic practice, has been evident since his Mirror Zone debut.

Alongside regular co-conspirators Aki Aki and Rasputin he founded Candomblé, a label and collective unafraid to dial the oddball factor up to eleven. Purveyors of  ’80s-tinged cop-funk, surging future ambient or slo-mo trance, 2019 represented something of a breakthrough year, cementing their place as one of Europe’s foremost outlets for electronic music of the stranger persuasion.

Channelling the ancestral drum circle, his mix encompasses everything we associate with DJ Ungel: tribal in places, dubby in others but always heavily tripped-out, he achieves total immersion with the fractal realm, remapping neural pathways over its 69-minute duration.

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