Crossing Hadrian’s Wall more times than a Pict raiding party, Dr. Astroturf and Semi Deluxe have been throwing parties under the Crucial & Fresh banner since the “salad days” of 2013. Regularly travelling between Edinburgh and London, the duo lend their services to the TEESH events helmed by regular co-conspirator DJ Cheers as well as throwing their own New Business parties at The Pickle Factory. But after a busy summer that saw the lads programme festival stages and play alongside the likes of Glowing Palms, Luv Jam and Baba Stiltz, it’s time for a return to their normal stomping ground when New Business recommences tomorrow (September 24th) for its Q3 update.

New age, cosmic and balearic themes are always present in abundance when Crucial & Fresh roll into town. Complete with unreleased bits from labels like No Bad Days and Cosmic Pint Glass, their mix wasn’t likely to buck any trends either. Exploring hyperreal textures and new streams of consciousness, the opening stages feel like you’ve stepped inside the Crucial & Fresh Centre For Wellbeing for a dose of holistic treatment. The selections bathe your eardrums with tranquil pads and low-slung grooves, but it’s all cranked up a notch once we enter the second half. From drum circle meditations to breakbeat and 303-riddled workouts, it makes for the perfect mood-setter to Saturday night’s festivities. It’s probably time to liquidate some assets and dust off the trouser press.

Jack Pattern, Hi & Saberhagen and DJ Ellie will play New Business alongside Crucial & Fresh this Saturday at The Pickle Factory – buy your ticket here.

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