Unfettered and often relentless, Jerome Hill productions sure have a way of generating some serious kinetic energy on a dancefloor. Cutting his teeth with the infamous Jiba Soundsystem before working as manager of Camden’s Trackheads and Dragon Discs record stores, the Kool FM resident’s commitment to acid house and techno has never wavered. That devotion is also palpable through the curation of his label, Super Rhythm Trax. Irrepressible dance tracks are the calling card, rolling out releases from names like Marshall Jefferson, Jared Wilson and DMX Krew, and two since years since delivering the label’s sophomore release Jerome is finally back with four muscle-bound heaters.

“Slaying crowds” wherever its played, Jerome’s take on a Cajmere  classic sets the precedent. He would would probably agree that the original couldn’t be improved upon, but makes a good fist of it nonetheless. The synth line still popping and bubbling like the original, thudding kick drums usher you through a thunderous arrangement of whistles and clasping hi-hats. Overdriven basslines and stuttering melodies are the order of the day on ‘Chicken Head George’. Driving at you in ominous fashion, a dystopian landscape emerges from the darkness as we progress – the swirling vortex left in its wake only dragging you further into the murky abyss.

There’s a truncated vocal sample around every corner on the flip. Stripped back and raw, ‘Def Jamming’ is a subtle nod to Chicago institution and If-Only favourite, Dance Mania. Another unremitting assault, just when you think it can’t hit any harder, Jerome switches up the intensity another fraction. Cajual sub-label Relief Records is the subject of adulation on the B2 cut, bringing things to a close in typically boisterous fashion. Unlike its predecessors, ‘Lollypop Lady’ stirs the soul with a vocal sample, but the inevitable volleys of drum come crashing down all the same. RZ Stories Episode 1 almost plays like a love letter to Chicago, but it’s quintessential Jerome Hill material for sure. We’re already looking forward to a second instalment.

RZ Stories Episode 1 is out now on Super Rhythm Trax – buy the digital and vinyl direct from the label.

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