Thrown about with reckless abandon when people talk about DJs digging especially deep, the term ‘selector’ has always felt particularly appropriate with Jonny Rock. Armed with an encyclopaedic knowledge of Turkish oddities, space-faring disco and leftfield house, he has spent the past two decades amassing a record collection that spans genres, decades and continents.

Born in Turkey, the ‘Old School Rider’s education in dance music came following a move to the UK in 1991. It was around that time he first witnessed two records being mixed together, and well, the rest is history really. As comfortable reworking Talk Talk or Dance Mania ghetto house as ’70s Turkish folk, the Londoner’s edits have become a staple for discerning DJs. With the arrival of his latest batch in mind, Mr Rock demonstrates his wide-ranging influences with a playlist touching on new beat, breakbeat, industrial and synth-pop.

1. Honey Dolly – No Squall Talk

I think I came across this during my diggin tru the ‘80s and ‘90s electronic music rage sessions. One thing lead to another and boom. I actually play the instrumental version of it but this is super dope too.

2. Chris & Cosey – Hazey Daze

Another rage session diving at those early innovative wonky and exciting music from the ‘80s and ‘90s. Where are they now. Bring back the wonk.

3. Ted Milton – Love Is Like A Violence

What can I say, mind blowing jam which is recently reissued (fuck) and I finally got ma copy (great) but I been jamming this straight ever since a love pack came from the mighty Tako while back.

4. Pacific Horizons – Burning Stars (Peaking Lights Dub)

James my bud from Pacific Horizons had sent that to me. All 4 mixes of this track is epic and I did play each and everyone of them but this got a tickle more play than the others.

5. Willesden Dodgers – 112 B.P.M.

Was picking and packing records in the heavenly warehouse of ideal record distributors early 2000 when this came tru on one of the Automan releases. I immediately rocketed to the next stage baby.

Oldschoolrider Edits Vol. 5 is out soon on Fleeting Wax – pre-order the vinyl here.

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