Does music that can be described with the language of brutality necessarily endorse what it sonically depicts, or can it represent a cry of anguish against this world we must leave? Since its genesis, critics have collapsed the form and content of industrial music and its derivatives into one, with accusations of reactionary politics and immoral behaviours abounding – all too often, completely unfairly. Still, doesn’t harsh, uncomfortable noise have something more to say about the world around us, with all its horrors and struggles, than ambient or New Age? One tunes you out, the other is impossible to tune out to, making you face what it evokes head on. Even if it’s just to tell it to fuck off.

This is a long way of saying what is quite obvious about Autumns‘ remix of JT Whitfield‘s ‘Reclusion Talks’, a track which originally appeared on a Clan Destine Records cassette release, Coated and Submersed: it is immediately arresting, an aural assault providing little breathing space for the listener, the sound of anthropomorphised machines being dragged through the heathen earth. The filtered influence of Karl O’Connor is perhaps unsurprising, given Autumns’ connection to his Downwards label, but this is an industrial techno beast with much of its own originality – and for all the introductory talk about noisy music making you think about the troubles of the world, it’ll also be bloody fun to hear out on a dark, sweaty dancefloor.

The Recoated & Resubmersed Remix Document is out June 23rd on Clan Destine Records – pre-order direct from the label here.

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